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Hangzhou Hanpai Mould Technology Co., Ltd

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Leading Efficient Circular Mould

Using automatic CNC four-axis gun drilling holes, the surface finish is good.
It specializes in R&D, production and sales of feed, biomass, organic fertilizer granulator ring molds, press rolls and other granulator machine parts.

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Congratulations on the successful development of Happy mould 0.8mm ring mould

Since April 2016, our company has been dedicated to the development of 0.8mm ring mold. The 0.8mm ring mold was proposed by the people in the ring mold production industry a few years ago. However, there have been no products on the market. It can be said that this is the “Ms Everest” of this industry.

With the solidarity and cooperation of all employees, our company has worked hard for more than half a year, overcoming difficulties in production processes, materials, etc., and finally successfully developed in mid-October. On October 21st, the customer took off smoothly on the machine, the output exceeded expectations, and the stability in the feed water was good. The customer gave a high recognition to the 0.8 ring mould. The successful development of 0.8mm ring mould marked that Happy has reached a domestic leading position in the production of ring mould!