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Hangzhou Hanpai Mould Technology Co., Ltd

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Zhejiang Province.
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Leading Efficient Circular Mould

Using automatic CNC four-axis gun drilling holes, the surface finish is good.
It specializes in R&D, production and sales of feed, biomass, organic fertilizer granulator ring molds, press rolls and other granulator machine parts.

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Congratulations to manager Chen Junliang won the title of “Zhejiang Mould Craftsman”

On January 27, 2018, our company was invited to participate the 2017 Annual Meeting of Zhejiang Mold Industry Association and the Award Ceremony of Annual Industry Evaluation. After the discussion and selection of 100 craftsmen, Zhejiang Mould Association chosen Chen Junliang, our company manager as “Zhejiang Mould Craftsman”, based on fair and open principle.

Since Chen Junliang joined the company as a production manager in 2012, he has been working diligently, keeping innovation and doing his best. He often participates in various technical exchange meetings and discusses related technical knowledge with mold experts. In production technology, one technical problem has been solved one after another. With his continuous efforts, our company took the leading position in the development of 0.8mm shrimp ring mould and high pressurizing ring mould, and successfully applied five patents for the company (two more are pending). Under the leadership of Chen Junliang's managing, the production department will continue to promote the spirit of craftsmanship, create better products and provide better services for customers.