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Hangzhou Hanpai Mould Technology Co., Ltd., 

Add:No.10, Entrepreneurship Base, Changkou Town, Fuyang District,Hangzhou City, Zhejiang, China
ZIP code:311411
Fax:+86-571- 61719927

Leading Efficient Circular Mould

Using automatic CNC four-axis gun drilling holes, the surface finish is good.
It specializes in R&D, production and sales of feed, biomass, organic fertilizer granulator ring molds, press rolls and other granulator machine parts.

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Company News

Indonesia International Feed Industry Expo 2018

From July 2nd to 6th, our general manager. Chen Youliang, from China to Indonesia to participate in the Feed Industry Exposition,investigated the forage ring mold market.

During this period, general manager Chen was warmly received by Ho Ruiqing who is the general manager of Heng Hsing Group Indonesia.During the exhibition, general manager Chen  visited Malindo Feedthrough , a local well - known enterprise in Indonesia.He was also invited to take a photo with the group, Mr. Lau Chia Nguang. In order to make the company go international, better development, local mold agents and feed enterprises were also consulted , as well as Chinese feed companies in Indonesia, etc.